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The Message Templates menu allows you to create and save email templates. It's a convenient way to add a selection of the most common emails that the recruiters can use under projects to communicate with the candidates.

You'll find message templates under Settings -> Message templates

When adding a new template, the name is for internal use only. The Subject line will be visible as the email headline for your applicants. You can choose whether to keep the template public and usable for all full users or save it as a personal template that only you can access. 

In Teamdash there are five types of message templates. Except for the message template, all other types contain a specific link within the letter that enables the template to be used with a Teamdash activity.

  • Message template

  • Interview invite template

  • Async video interview invite template

  • Video message template

  • Invite confirmation template

The Message is a classical email with informative content. You can include merge tags and attachments to create a template for a specific use case.

The interview invite is specifically designed to be used with our interview scheduler tool. The message body of this template must include the [invite_url] tag. The tag will generate a unique interview invite link for all receivers.

Async video interview invite is used with the Teamdash asynchronous video interviews. The message body of this template must include the [interview_url] tag. The tag will generate a unique interview recording link for all receivers.

Video message is used when you want to send a message to someone with a video. The message body of this template must include the [video_url] tag. The video can be recorded with the Teamdash application built into the message template view.

Invite confirmation is sent to candidates to confirm an event they have been invited to. The message body of this template must include [video_call_details] tag when it is used for video call interviews.

Where to use saved message templates

In Teamdash you can use templates when creating

2. Sending out interview invitations:

Read more about our Interview Scheduling Tool.

3. Sending out regular messages:


Creating message templates in Teamdash saves time by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to quickly generate and send standardized messages. Using templates minimizes the risk of communication errors. Templates are very valuable when dealing with high volume of applications. Recruiters can efficiently communicate with multiple candidates simultaneously without sacrificing personalization.

What are merge tags?

Merge tags are like placeholders in messages that automatically get filled with specific information when you send it out. It's a way to make your messages personalized without having to manually input individual details. For example, in an email, you might use a merge tag for the recipient's name, so each person sees their own name in the email.
Each message template provides the opportunity to use different merge tags.

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