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Asynchronous video interviews are also known as one-way or on-demand video interviews. It is not a video interview where both parties participate simultaneously but to exchange information with a time shift. You can send out your questions to candidates and receive recorded video answers.

The main benefits of asynchronous video interviews

  • Speed up the recruitment process. Instead of 30-minute interviews, watch 2-minute recordings.

  • Avoid errors compared to the CV-based evaluation.

  • Increase the engagement of hiring managers.

  • Improve candidate experience by introducing the company, the future team, or the hiring manager in a video.

  • Manage large projects with ease. You can come back to the sent recordings any time to make a good decision.

  • The feature is conveniently available as a project activity in Teamdash.

When to use asynchronous video interviews?

  • With high-volume recruitment projects where you need to make a good pre-selection fast.

  • Filling in positions requiring good communication skills and self-expression.

  • For filling in positions requiring language skills.

How to compose asynchronous video interviews in Teamdash?

You can prepare the asynchronous video interview questions under the Video Interviews menu.

  • Navigate to the Video Interviews menu and click + Add Video Interview.

  • Set Video Interview Title - this will be visible only to you in Teamdash.

  • Set Max Candidate Attempts - how many times can a candidate try to record their answer? We recommend giving 2-3 attempts. We still keep a candidate-friendly approach - if they exceed the set number of attempts, they can still confirm and upload their answer. But you will see a notification in Teamdash about how many tries the candidate actually used.

  • Questions

    • you can choose the question Type as Text or Video. The candidate can only answer in video format.

    • We recommend presenting your questions in the video too. This will give the candidate a better understanding of the video interview and understand your expectations. Showing yourself in the video will make a good impression.

    • Each question can have a unique response time limit. Since the asynchronous video interviews are good for making a first selection, we recommend keeping the time limit between 1-2 minutes. It's enough to get an idea if you'd like to move forward with the candidate and it will save you time.

Asynchronous video interviews with video questions have a higher response rate.

How to send out asynchronous video interviews to candidates?

You can do it manually or automate the flow. You will have the option to select candidates and start the action with the Send Video Interview feature. Or add automated stage actions to easily send out your questions, guarantee confirmation letters, and visual movement to the next stage for answered candidates.


How can I share a video interview reply with hiring managers?

You need to add the hiring manager as a limited user to the project.

Can a hiring manager record the questions in the video?

Yes, if the hiring manager has been invited to the project as a limited user, they still have full access to the video interview features.

Where can I see the date and time when the candidate sent the video replies?

You can see the entry details from the candidate profile under the History Log tab.


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