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Bring your Calendar view into Teamdash

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Connect your MS account with your Teamdash user account

  • Integration type: MS Calendar Schedule.

  • The integration is private - it's connected with a personal Outlook account that only the user itself can use.

How will it help you?

When planning interviews with Candidates using our Interview Scheduler tool, you can:

  • see your existing calendar events in the Teamdash view.

  • see the Busy slots of your colleagues and hiring managers when they already have a scheduled event for the selected time period.

    • to see other Calendars, add more participants to the Recruiter field.

    • Teamdash can show other Calendars if you can access them in your Outlook Calendar as well. You can always add more shared Calendars in Outlook.

How to set up the integration?

  1. Go to Teamdash settings

  2. Open Integrations

  3. Click on β€˜+ Add integration’

  4. Choose Type β€˜MS calendar schedule’

  5. Name the integration

  6. Switch ON Private integration - it's connected with a personal Microsoft account that only the user itself can use.

  7. click on Save - you'll be redirected to Microsoft to authenticate and give the appropriate permissions

You have now set up MS calendar schedule integration!

See the tutorial video below:

If you use the default Teamdash setup without the Teams integration, you can create video calls via Teamdash. The video call functionality is built into the software and is available for all packages.

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