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Adding Candidates

I have candidates in my email. How can get them into Teamdash?

You can use the Drag & Drop feature to add them to a project stage! Be sure to drag the whole conversation.

Drag & Drop also works for importing files from your computer.

The Drag & Drop solution from my email does not work.

To use Drag & Drop, make sure you are using the Outlook desktop version (not Gmail, not Outlook on a browser). Drag and drop an email that came from a candidate. Teamdash uses the information about the sender to create a profile. Therefore if you use an email your hiring manager forwarded you, the hiring manager will be the candidate.

I added a new candidate but it’s gone?

When using the manual Add Candidate button, you can either Save or Save and Add to the Current Project. Maybe the profile was just saved but not added to the project. No worries there - open up the left column called Talent Pool and drag the added candidate into your submission stage.

Removing Candidates

How can I delete a candidate?

In Teamdash, you can anonymize a candidate. Anonymizing the data will make it inaccessible to all parties. But the profile will be saved as a hash in the software. If the candidate applies again in the future (with the same email), the original profile will be restored and added to the new project.

How can I anonymize a candidate?

You can anonymize the candidate in two ways:

  1. From the Candidate profile under the GDPR tab.

2. From your Talent Pool under the Candidates menu

How can I remove a candidate under a project?

You can remove a candidate from a project without anonymizing their profile. Just drag and drop the candidate into the Talent Pool column in the project view. This move withdraws the candidate from a specific project but keeps the profile in.

Various scenarios

Why are candidates disappearing from my projects?

If you have activated the GDPR automation, the software will anonymize candidates without valid consent for data processing.

Profile Visibility

Who will see the Comments tab?

The Comments tab is for internal communication. You can use it to add personal notes and post private comments. You can use it to address your hiring managers by making the comments public and tagging them.

I added a limited user but they cannot see my comments?

Your comments may be private. Click on the three dots behind the posted comment and change the status to the public.


How can I add GDPR consent to a candidate?

You can manually add consent from the candidate profile under the GDPR tab. Just click Add Consent and fill in the fields. The required attachment can be a formal document or a print screen of an email to confirm the candidate has given written consent to hold and process their data.

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