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Add your domain for all outgoing messages

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When sending out emails, the sender line will display your name, and email as [email protected]. When the candidate hits “Reply”, they will see your name and personal email as the receiver.

Setting up different mail identities

When you want the sender line to display your company domain, an administrator can set up different mail identities under Organization Settings in Mail Identities.

After navigating to the Mail identities you have the option to "+Add mail identity":

Domain - include the domains used by the company

Email service provider - choose Postmark or Amazon SES (EU) providers.

SES is EU-based - it should be chosen only if emails need to be within the EU.

By default, both Postmark and SES have both click and open tracking enabled​. With SES, it is possible to disable click tracking.

After setting up a mail identity, the status will be "Pending". Follow the instructions and forward the DNS records to your IT department. Once your organization has added Teamdash DNS records, the Status should change to "Verified".

You can add several mail identities. Teamdash will automatically select the correct domain to match the user account email.

Default identity

When the user's account email domain is not verified, Teamdash uses the default domain.


Using different domains within a company offers benefits such as maintaining brand identity, customization for specific purposes or teams, and enhancing communication management.

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