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Translatable forms

Create Forms with a language select option for Candidates

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Create a form with multiple languages

When creating a form, you can enable an option to use multiple languages:

After you switch on the toggle, you can pick a default language. This sets the base for your form. Then, you can add other languages as you build your form.

The red exclamation mark next to the country code indicates that you need to add the required translation in the chosen language.

You can add field names in different languages, each within its tab:

Candidates will have the language selection in the upper right corner:


Translatable forms are a good way of attracting candidates from different backgrounds. There won't be a problem of not being able to apply due to the language barrier. They attract a broader range of applicants, promoting diversity within the organization. Overall, translatable forms are essential for recruiters aiming to create a more inclusive and effective recruitment process.

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