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How maintain one up to date profile for applicants

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Easily merge multiple profiles

A candidate's email is a unique feature that will create a new candidate profile. You might have multiple profiles for the same person. This may occur when a candidate applies with a different email address or when you have a previous candidate profile with a missing email.

To resolve this situation, we have a function to merge candidate profiles. You can find the option in the Talent Pool under the candidate menu. You can make a quick search for the profile, select them, and click merge.

The selected profiles to be merged will be displayed in column A and column B. In the middle, you can see a "Merged" column with the preview for the merged profile.
Teamdash will indicate conflicting information in red and the recruiter must decide which value to keep for the merged profile. 

Finding possible duplicates

Teamdash notifies of any possible duplicates based on the candidate name:

As a human, you can decide whether two applicants have the same name or there's one person behind two profiles.

Merging possible duplicates can be done via the candidate profile view:


By consolidating duplicate candidate records, this feature promotes data accuracy, reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies in candidate information. It streamlines administrative tasks by eliminating the need to manage multiple records for the same individual and ensuring a positive candidate experience. 

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