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Why use colorful keywords for candidates and job ads

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Introduction of tags

Tags are colourful keywords that allow users to create a categorized, identified, and organized system in Teamdash.
You can add tags to candidates and job ads.
Tags added to candidate profiles help you to create an effective Talent Pool as tags can be used as filters.

The Tags menu

Admin user roles have the access right to the Tags menu. This will list all added tags throughout the system. Admin users can Create, Edit, and Delete tags. All changes will apply instantly to all regarding profiles and job ads.

Tag settings

There are a few options an Admin user can make their preference for under Organization Settings -> Project tab -> Candidate Card Settings.

  • visibility on Candidate Card

    • ON - the colourful tag is displayed on the project view.

    • OFF - the tag is only seen when you click and open the full candidate profile view.

  • Hide tags from Limited Users.

    • Hiring managers/clients can not see added tags. They will be treated as internal keywords for Admin and Regular users only.

  • Allow Regular Users to create tags.

    • When switched off, the Regular user can only add tags from the existing set. Regular users can not access the Tags menu.

Read more about user roles.

Tags on Candidate Profiles

  • Candidate profile

Use tags to make candidate's profiles more useful. Tags make your recruitment funnel more visual and tags act as filters on your Talent Pool.

Tags can be added from the Candidate Profile Basic tab. Click on the tag icon and choose a relevant tag from the existing set. Admin and Regular users (if permission is granted, see Tag Settings above) can create new tags by typing and clicking Enter.

Limited Users can't create or add tags.

You can change the tag colour directly from the profile:

You can also add and delete tags from the 'Edit candidate' view:

Bulk tagging

In the project stage, you can add tags to multiple candidates at once. Select relevant candidates by one or choose to Select All in the stage, and click Add Bulk Tags (dropdown next to the Create tasks button):

Add tags with the help of AI

Teamdash offers an automated stage action called Auto-Add tags AI.
The recruiter can set a range of tags as keywords you would wish to find from submitted candidate information. 

It assigns tags to candidate profiles based on various attributes, such as skills, experience, education, and keywords extracted from resumes or application materials. This automation streamlines the process of categorizing and organizing candidate data, saving time and effort for recruiters and hiring managers. For auto AI tagging to function effectively in Teamdash, recruiters need to create the tags beforehand.

Here is an example of Auto AI tagging with the tag 'Teamdash':

Tags on Job Ads

Use tags to make job ads easier to find and organize.

Why use tags in general?

Tags play a crucial role in managing candidates in your system. The main benefit of tags is to make your Talent Pool a well-structured library. You can use tags as filters to source suitable candidates in the future. It would be best if your team has a set system on how to add tags and make your Talent Pool useful and effective.

Tags are also beneficial in automated stage actions. You can set a condition that specifies if a candidate has a certain tag, the letter is only sent to them.

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