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How to sort candidate profiles in your project stages

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Sort candidates

There are several modes how to set the order of candidates within project stages:

  • Unseen notifications first.

    • Profiles with a red dot mean there's something new on the candidate profile.

  • Longer in stage first.

  • Less time in the stage first.

  • Newer applications first.

  • Older applications first.

  • Higher scorecard score first.

  • Lower scorecard score first.

  • Higher rated first.

  • Lower rated first.

    • The two above are based on given impressions on the Candidate Profile Comments tab.

  • Alphabetic.

  • Sort manually.

    • This mode enables you to just drag and drop the candidate order in a stage:

When making changes in the order of candidates, the view will instantly update for all regarding users.


Teamdash will memorize your preference. Sorting candidates will make the decision-making process more efficient for the hiring manager.

For eg. you can sort candidates by scorecard evaluations. Placing candidates with higher scores at the top of the list makes it easier for hiring managers to pay attention to the most promising candidates first, saving time and ensuring decisions are based on clear and objective measures. You can learn more about scorecards here.

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