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Teamdash default Email Signature Design

Teamdash default signature design uses information saved under both Organization settings and the Account menu:

  • Organization settings -> Brand tab

    • Organization logo

    • Org. website URL

    • Signature accent colour

      The Brand information can be added by an Admin user and it will be applied to all user accounts.

      Adding your signature accent colour is easiest when knowing the colour code from your brand CVI. Teamdash allows you to pick your brand colour using HEX, RGB, and HSL codes:

      Google Chrome example.

  • Account menu:

    • Photo

    • Phone

    • Position Title

    • Department

      Each user can set up their Account preferences. The signature setting fields are not required.

Using text signature override

Users can turn off Teamdash's default signature design under the Account menu. When enabling the option “Use text signature”, you can create your text-base signature layout:

It is not possible to add any photos or graphics to the text signature layout.


Including more details from the Brand and Account menus to your email signatures adds a professional touch and helps maintain brand consistency. This creates a positive and unified impression of your organization. It's a small but impactful element in overall communication strategies.

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