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How to get reports on the volume and reasons behind candidate dropouts

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The Dropout Reasons

You can find the menu called Dropout Reasons by navigating under instance settings.

By default, your instance already includes a sample selection of dropout reasons. The reasons are divided into Company and Candidate reasons. This helps you track whether and why you rejected the candidates or why the candidates withdrew their applications during the recruitment process.

Teamdash default dropout reasons

Company reasons

  • Incompatible Salary Expectation

  • Lack of Qualifications

  • Negative Professional Reputation

  • Poor Fit with Company Culture

  • Stronger Competition

  • Weak Interview Performance

Candidate reasons

  • Accepted Another Offer

  • Change in Personal Circumstances

  • Lack of Growth Opportunities

  • Negative Employer Reputation

  • Poor Candidate Experience

  • Uncompetitive Compensation

All reasons can be Edited or Deleted to match the KPIs and preferences of your organization.

How to add dropout reasons to candidates?

The dropout reasons are directly linked to project categories. If the system recognizes that a candidate profile is moved to a stage that belongs under the Dropped Out category, then Teamdash can automatically include the profile under the Dropout reasons reporting.

Assigning a category to a project stage will give you the flexibility to customize your recruitment projects while enabling Teamdash to offer you automated reporting and analytics.

Use the dropout reason prompt

By default, your instance has an active setting to launch a popup window with Dropout reasons, if someone is moved to the Dropped Out category.

The Reason field will open a select menu with options saved under your Dropout Reasons menu:

After choosing the reason and adding it to the candidate, the information is saved under the History tab on the candidate profile:

You can always disable this prompt under Organization Settings, Project tab:

Add a reason from the Candidate's Profile

Another option is to add the dropout reason for the Candidate under the Profile view. When navigating under the History tab, you can see a little Edit icon to add a Dropout reason:

By clicking on the Edit icon, you can again see the saved selection of reasons. Choose the relevant reason and click Save!

Dropout reasons report

The Dropout reasons report is included in the Recruitment Performance module.

The report automatically updates itself to set filters and preferences. For example, you can set the report to summaries for a set period by Stage and view it in Table and Chart view together:

A friendly reminder, the filters are customizable. By adding project custom fields, you can get a more detailed reporting system to better match your organization's needs.

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