Job requisitions

Create a documented and automated flow to initiate new recruitments

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Job Requisitions

The Job Requisitions addon can be added to any current subscription. The feature allows documentation of who initiates a new position, manages approvals, and supports the workflow with automated notifications. It allows hiring managers to easily signal the need for a new hire and give the recruitment team the necessary details. With job requisitions, the information and activities are all saved and tracked in one place.


  • A well-documented workflow.

    • You can always see who initiated a new position.

    • Set and see who gave approvals for the project to be started.

    • Track the timeline and add comments.

  • Automated process.

    • Teamdash will alert users about new position proposals.

    • Teamdash will send out automated reminders about pending approvals.

    • Teamdash will automatically notify the set recruiter if a requisition has been fully approved.

    • Teamdash will automatically create a project from an approved requisition.

  • Improved cooperation with hiring managers.

    • The Job Requisition is one of the few features that is available for limited users.

    • Your hiring managers can initiate a job requisition from Teamdash.

    • Hiring managers have to follow your settings to give all the necessary information the HR needs later to start the project.

    • Teamdash will help you meet the deadlines through automated reminders.


Under the organization settings, the Admin user can customize the job requisition setup.

  • Create a template on what information must be included in the requisition.

  • Set if all requisitions must be approved by any set of Users, for example by the HR manager.

  • Set a minimum amount of approvals for any requisition.

  • Add custom fields to make Teamdash adapt to your needs.

After finishing the setup, all user roles are free to create new Requisitions under the regarding menu.

Contact [email protected] to add it to your subscription.

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