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You can connect your Zoom account with Teamdash to schedule video interviews.

Once the candidate has selected a suitable time slot, a Zoom link will be automatically sent to all desired participants. You can streamline the hiring process by adjusting the hiring stages according to your recruitment needs.

You can find Teamdash from Zoom's marketplace here!

Connect your Zoom account with your Teamdash user account

  1. Open Settings and navigate to Integrations

  2. Click on +Add integration

  3. From the Type dropdown selection, choose Zoom calls

  4. Give the integration a name

  5. Switch ON Private integration - it's connected with a personal Zoom account that only the user itself can use.

  6. Click on Save - you'll be redirected to Zoom to authenticate and give the appropriate permissions

Well done! You have now set up your Zoom account with Teamdash and you're able to use it when scheduling interviews (learn how to schedule interviews). After integrating with Zoom, you can create Zoom video call links straight from Teamdash.

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