Ping User

Set automated reminders for project members

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Ping User

Automated stage action

The Ping User automated action is added to a project Stage. You can send automated short messages to selected project members. It's a good way to set up reminders for your clients or hiring managers to keep the recruitment process effective and fast.

You can choose one or multiple stages for the action. The Ping User can have many use cases. Whether you need the manager to review your pre-selected candidates or maybe you want your clients to add their feedback to the Scorecards as soon as possible after the candidate interview. You can choose the stage and the time frame for pinging your hiring team to take action.

How to set up a Ping User action

Go to Project View. Open the Stage menu where you wish to add the automated action and click Add Automated Stage Action. Choose the Ping User feature:

Set up your preferences in the pop-up window. Depending on how fast feedback you need, you can set the trigger to be 15 minutes or 2 days. It's a great way to timeline your recruitment process and help automated reminders to keep it on track.

The users listed in Members to Ping will get an automated email at the set time. But keep the message short, it's a quick reminder to review candidates in the Project and share feedback or move suitable candidates along the funnel.

The tutorial video below will show all the steps on how to set up the automated action and how the pinged members receive the automated email:

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