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How to apply filters by GDPR statuses

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Talent Pool keeps all your candidates together in one place. This article will guide you on how to manually maintain your database GDPR-compliant.

To see how to automate your GDPR consent renewals, please see the following article here.

The GDPR Helper filters

Next to your list of candidates, you can see a section named GDPR Helper.
It automatically notifies you about the percentage of candidates for whom you have valid data processing consent. In the above poor example, the notification is in red and guides me to take action on the other 33.3% of the database.

The red robot icon shows that the GDPR automation is disabled and manual human action is needed. 

How to use the GDPR helper filters?

The GDPR helper holds different possibilities. You can sort out candidates without valid consent, select them all, and anonymize them to instantly clear your database from such candidate profiles.

Apply Filters ➝ Select All Candidates ➝ Anonymize / Delete

You can use the GDPR filter to sort out candidates with whom you need or like to contact to prolong consent. For example, you can apply filters "Valid, but missing long-term consent" or "Long-term consent expiring soon (1mo)", and send out consent renewal requests as a bulk message.

Apply Filters ➝ Select All Candidates ➝ Message [consent_renewal_url]

The GDPR filters give you a detailed overview of your Talent Pool health GDPR-wise. It's an easy way how to manually sort your candidate database and take action where needed.

If you wish to automate the flow, read more here.

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