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The Talent Pool menu

The Talent Pool menu will make up your candidate database. Every candidate who has applied to any project is saved here.


Under the Talent Pool menu, you can:

  • Select candidates and add them to Projects

  • Edit Candidate Profiles

  • Select candidates and Message a selected target group

  • Manually add new candidates

  • Delete or Anonymize selected Candidates


You can make a quick search from Talent Pool using the Search field. The search engine is quite powerful and will give results by name, tags, file contents, etc. Yes, it even goes through CVs.


You can apply Filters by tags, projects, comments, CVs, date Created, and even by Custom Fields. You can apply several filters simultaneously.


In the Talent Pool, you can see the GDPR status for each Candidate. The GDPR status refers to having valid consent for data processing.
In Teamdash, there are 3 possible statuses:

πŸ”΄ Invalid. Valid data processing consent missing.

⚠️ Dispute resolution only.

🟒 Consent is valid until the end of the Project or until Custom Date.

GDPR Helper

The GDPR Helper offers you filters according to the Candidates' GDPR status. If you are manually keeping your database GDPR compliant, this helps you to manage it with ease.
Apply the filters to sort out πŸ”΄ candidates with missing consent and delete or anonymize needed ones with a few clicks.

Read more about the GDPR helper here.

A well-managed candidate database will help your company to stay GDPR compliant. Applied Filters allows you to make the first search within your existing talent pool.

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