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MS Outlook Messages Synchronization
MS Outlook Messages Synchronization

Make your email threads visible in Teamdash

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Connect your MS account with your Teamdash user account

  • Integration type: MS Office Messages Sync

  • The integration is private - it's connected with a personal Outlook account that only the user can use.

How will it help you?

  • By default, the Messages tab on Candidate profiles will show outgoing emails

  • The Office Messages Synchronization will bring candidate replies into the Messages tab as well. You can view email threads as a whole without switching views between Teamdash and your Outlook inbox.

How do you set up the integration?

  1. Go to Teamdash settings

  2. Open Integrations

  3. Click on ‘+ Add integration

  4. Choose Type ‘MS Office messages sync

  5. Name the integration

  6. Switch ON Private integration - it's connected with a personal Microsoft account that only the user can use.

  7. click on Save - you'll be redirected to Microsoft to authenticate and give the appropriate permissions

You have now set up MS Outlook messages synchronization integration!

Message synchronization integration doesn't seem to work?

The email sync may take some time, approximately 30 minutes.

  • The sync will activate when candidates have replied to an email message or the recruiter has sent out a new email from their Outlook.

  • The conversation can't be older than two weeks.

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