Principles of a Project

Status, Members, and Notifications

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Project Status

If I mark a project as finished, can I still see the candidates?

Yes, the project will stay on your dashboard with the finished status. You can always come back to your old projects and see things over.

Use the project status filter to keep your dashboard nice and up to date.

Will my automatic actions work after I mark my project finished?

No, the automatic stage actions work in an in-progress project.

Edit project

Who are project managers?

A Project Manager* is set by default to who is the creator of the project. The additional Manager field will give you a chance to save project information in more detail. This is an internal reference for yourself.

Who are the project members?

The project members are recruiters, colleagues, hiring managers, or other partners you wish to engage with the project. Adding users as members will automatically send out an email notification to join a new project. Members have registered user accounts.


How can I turn off activity notifications?

You can set your preference about a project from Project Settings (the little clog wheel icon next to the Project name). You can turn on or mute the e-mail notifications.

You can set an overall preference from your Account menu. You can disable activity notifications and this will apply to all projects. Click Save too!

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