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The Forms menu

You can create application forms using Teamdash Forms to easily gather candidates for your Teamdash projects. You can create and manage application forms under the Forms menu.

As the forms can be used with Teamdash landing pages or via iFrame on any other website, the Teamdash Form is the link between your public job ad and your Teamdash project.

Create a Form

The Builder and Preview

The Edit Form view is in two columns. On the left side, you have the Builder where you can create and edit all the fields for your application form. On the right side, you have the Preview to see how the Application Form will look to the candidates.

The Builder column starts with two important fields: Title and Candidate Target Stage.
The Title is an informal name for your form that you can see in Teamdash. Refer to the project you are using it for and add other references to make it easily discoverable later on.
The Candidate Target Stage offers a drop-down list of all your active projects with their stages. Choose the project where you wish to get submissions. If this field is set, Teamdash will automatically generate Candidate Profiles for that project from incoming submissions.


All fields in the Preview are set in the Builder column.

For each field, you can choose:

  • Type. It can be a variety of types:

  • Label - it is the field name that is visible to applicants.

  • Candidate profile target field - it will determine if and where should the submitted information be added to the Candidate Profile in Teamdash.
    For example, you can ask an additional question and set the answer to be visible under the Comments tab on the Profile:​

  • Rules - if the answer is required or not.

Add and Arrange new Fields

You can always customize and add more fields to your application form. Just click the +Add button below your existing fields and drag them to rearrange the order.

Forms design

After the field blocks, you can see design options for your application form in the Builder column. You can change the button text, and set colours by adding the colour HEX code you wish to use.

After creating a Form to match your organization, you can save it as a template as well.

Forms and GDPR

It's easy to be GDPR compliant while using Teamdash application forms.

Firstly, the form must include a link to your organization's privacy policy for recruitment. You can use the field type Static Text to state what is the purpose of gathering data and link your privacy policy there.

Secondly, you have the opportunity to ask for longer consent for data processing when applying. It can not be required from the applicant but you can give the option to agree. If the applicant ignores it, their consent will be valid until the project ends. If they agree to have their data stored for a longer period, Teamdash will automatically add it to their profile.

The Submissions table

Under the Forms menu, you can see a column Submissions where Teamdash gathers all the submitted data. You can click on the number.

If you have a project target stage set, the profiles will be added to the project too. If you have candidate target fields set for applicant answers, they will become visible on the profile too. But the Submissions table will always be your plan B.

The pink line of code can be used to embed the Form to your website.

Frequently asked questions

I added a new field to my forms. Where will the answers go?

All answers are by default saved in the Submissions table under the Forms menu. In addition, all Form fields have a “Candidate Profile Target Field”. This will determine where on the candidate profile will the sent answers be visible. It may appear as a colourful tag or text in the Comments tab. The possibilities depend on the field Type.

I cloned a form and added it to a new landing page but I can’t see any candidates.

The cloned project doesn't have the Candidate Target Stage set by default. You need to update, where you wish to send new applicants via the cloned form. 

Would you still be able to apply if I mark a project as finished?

Yes, the project status doesn't change the status of your job ads or forms. You would need to make sure the job ads aren't actively up and running. You can quickly navigate to the Job Ads menu and unpublish or archive the job ad. 

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