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What is an Image Ad?

An Image Ad is a picture that you can upload to a job board. You can use our Downloadable Image Ad tool to design and download attractive job ads in JPG or PNG format. You can upload the job ad to different job boards.

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a job ad in a website format. You can create a landing page with our Landing Page tool that allows you to create attractive job ads without the help of marketing or development teams. You can use the job ad to get attention on social media. The landing page will look good on any device. The landing page will contain a built-in form, so the candidates can instantly apply and are automatically generated into your Teamdash project.


What happens if I Publish a Landing Page?

You will generate a landing page! You will get a working URL but don’t worry, the job ad will only be visible to people with the link. So until you haven’t shared it, you can privately send the link to your colleagues and hiring managers for a final look and make adjustments if needed.

How can I share my Landing Page?

You can export a job ad in the project view or from the job ads menu. Both work! Exporting possibilities may depend on your integrations and job ad type. Contact us to get more information about integrations.

I got a Job Ad from our marketing team. How can I use it in Teamdash?

You can export your already existing Job Ad under the project view. The little cloud icon ☁️ with an arrow named “Job Ad Exports” will let you upload your design. Depending on the job board you are exporting to, make sure the file format fits the job portal's requirements. It might be that the marketing team gives you a PDF, but the job portal accepts JPG or PNG files.

Can I add Teamdash job ads to my website?

Yes! Please contact us and we’ll find the best solution. Depending on your needs and capabilities we can set up an API integration, add a form with iFrame, or make a redirection to an external link.

I made changes to my landing page but now the preview to share it on Facebook/LinkedIn is outdated?

Facebook and LinkedIn save the first version they receive. To get the platforms to update their information, copy your landing page link below:

These are great ways to check your post preview before sharing too. Just to make sure everything is as you wish.

Landing pages and projects

How can I connect a landing page with my project?

The connection between a landing page and your project is the form. The form lets candidates apply and automatically generates candidate profiles. The profiles will be generated into a specific project stage you can choose from the Form Edit view.

I added a form to my landing page but I don't see any candidates coming into my project?

It might be that the form settings are inconclusive. Open up your Forms menu and check if the concerning form has the correct Project and Stage set. If you are using an older form, update the Project/Stage as the destination for new candidates.

Why did I get new candidates from an old landing page?

Active and archived landing pages are still accessible online. If you haven’t archived the application form within the landing page, random visitors can still apply. To remove the possibility of applying after the application deadline, please archive the application form or delete the landing page permanently. The application form will be replaced with the notice “Applying for this position has ended”.


How can I make changes to a published landing page?

Open the Job Ads menu and click Actions by the concerning landing page. You can see the Edit option to make adjustments. After editing, publish the landing page again to make the changes public.

How can I change the landing page name?

Hit Publish and you will see a panel to edit the descriptive name, meta title, and meta description fields. You don't have to publish the landing page to edit the name fields.

Can I re-use a landing page?

Yes, you can open the job ads menu and click Actions by the concerning job ad. Click Clone and you will have a new landing page with a set design. Edit where necessary, add a new form and publish.

I made changes to my landing page but nothing was saved?

Your changes are visible under the Edit mode. To make them public, open the Edit view and Publish the changes made.

How can I add an empty row to my landing page?

Create an empty row with the Shift+Enter combination. While the Enter key inserts a paragraph break, the Shift+Enter combination inserts a line break.

My text is incorrectly divided in mobile view. How can I change the hyphenation of long words?

If you need to set a grammatically correct division for longer words, you can add a soft hyphen into the word. Just copy the soft hyphen from here and paste it into the grammatically correct place. It will not enter a visible space, but when entering the mobile view, you should see the new hyphenation.

I added a link to my landing page but it doesn’t work.

Please check if the entered URL contains a required hypertext transfer protocol. To put it simply - check if the entered link is or

Can I download my landing page?

Yes! After publishing your job ad, you can download your landing page as an image. Just refresh the page, and the download button will become active.

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