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What is a video message?

It's most commonly a video message to greet the candidates and introduce yourself as an employer. It gives you a chance to let the candidates feel engaged in the recruitment process and see who exactly is in touch with them.

Feel free to let the hiring managers introduce the future team and position or give a detailed overview of the following recruitment process. A video message is a way to prepare candidates for an upcoming asynchronous video interview.

How to compose a video message

You can start composing the video message on the go when choosing the action to Send a Video Message. You are also able to add it as a Message Template to take some time for the preparation and once in the project view, you can just select it from the available Templates menu.

How to send a video message

You can send a video message from the Project view.

Send it as an automated action:

You can set an Automated Stage Action as a Video Message. All new candidates in that stage receive the email automatically.

Send it as an email:

You can select candidates and choose from the Actions menu Send Video Message.

In both cases, the candidates will receive your email message and the video will open in a separate browser tab via a link.

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