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Email tracking

What are the little icons under the email subject line?

We have four possible icons that appear according to the email status: Sent, Delivered, Opened, and Clicked. This allows you to track your letters and see if a candidate isn’t much motivated or maybe just needs a call to get aware of a waiting possibility in their inbox!

I sent out an email but there’s a red icon saying the letter bounced. What do I do?

It seems the email wasn’t correct and Teamdash wasn’t able to deliver the email to the candidate. We suggest double-checking if the email on the candidate's profile matches the email added to their latest CV.

What if my letter from Teamdash goes into junk mail?

It can happen. You can avoid ending up in the junk or promotions tab by adding a minimal amount of links and pictures to your email. Try to keep it as personal and simple as a normal letter would be. There are many articles on how to avoid the promotions tab.

You can always track the letters sent from Teamdash. If you notice the candidate hasn’t opened your email, give them a friendly notice via phone or SMS that something good awaits them on their email.

Setting up your emails

Where can I add a custom signature to my emails?

Open up your organization settings and navigate under the Account menu. There you will find mail signature settings to save a default mail signature to your personal account.

Where can I add a company logo to my emails?

Open up your organization settings brand tab. From there you can upload an organization's logo and it will automatically be added to all outgoing emails for all user accounts.

Can I send out letters under my organization’s email?

Yes, we can set up a custom route so all emails will be delivered under your organization’s name but will go through our server to maintain the email tracking feature. Contact our support and we'll get you a quote.

Email conversations

Where will the candidate's reply go to?

If you send out a letter from Teamdash, the replying email will be sent directly to the email which you have registered your Teamdash account with.

How can I save candidates’ replies to Teamdash?

If a candidate replies to your letter and the conversation takes up in your Outlook email, you can simply drag&drop the conversation into the project stage in Teamdash. Our software will recognize the candidate and just update the existing profile with new information - in the current situation, the messages tab with new email threads.

Or alternatively, you can automate this and integrate your Outlook inbox with Teamdash. This will ensure that the email threads will automatically be synchronized at visible on the Candidate profile in Teamdash too.
Just Add Integrations, select Type "MS Office messages sync", make it private, and save.

Will candidates see that I use Teamdash?

Yes, when sending out emails, the sender line will display your name, and email as [email protected]. When the candidate hits “Reply”, they will see your name and personal email as the receiver.

A bit more on emails

I cannot change the candidate’s email. I get an error “The Email has already been taken”?

Yes, this means you already have a candidate with a given email address in your database. In Teamdash, the candidate email is a unique feature. Open up your candidate database column on the left side of your project stages and search the candidate by name. Drag the candidate under the current project and update info if needed.

I can’t see my template in the drop-down menu when composing a new email?

This can happen when the message type doesn’t match the activity or the message template has been restricted by users. Check the email settings under the Message Templates menu.

I composed an email but doesn't look as it should on Teamdash.

If you have copied your message template from another platform (e.g a Word file), the previous format might be the trouble. Try to paste with Ctr+Shift+V to eliminate hidden formatting.

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